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This is an awesome first game jam. Grappling hook mechanic is well-designed.

Great job on this game! This is way better than my first game. I really love the mechanics with the grappling hook, it's very unique and cute. Great job on this, and I hope you keep making games!


I thought that it was a bad idea to randomize the asteroids since they can appear just in front of you, but I love how when using the hook to that same asteroid that looked like your demise, your spacecraft actually rounds it!

Your game is short and cute.  I love how the high score nature of the game (you never win) mixes with the "at least you tried" phrase, it's really funny.

Thank you for the  review :) There is some offset for spawning the asteroids around you. Maybe it should be biger to heve more space around you on every start :)

Yes! Once I realized it was safe to do it, I didn't have too much trouble. But if you are playing for the first time it could be a "turn off"